Feeling My Age

Getting older has its drawbacks – but it's a lot better than the alternative.

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From a post by Simon Napier Bell on Facebook:

Three of the Rolling Stones had been  staying at the Mamounia Hotel in Morocco, taking refuge from the British press while waiting for their drug trial. Staying there at the same time was the royal photographer and theatrical designer, Cecil Beaton, a mannered old dear with a plummy voice and crisp wrists.

Having watched them while he ate dinner on the other side of the dining-room, Beaton went across to the Stones and introduced himself. He took a great liking to Mick Jagger and afterwards wrote in his diary, “He is very gentle, and with perfect manners. He has much appreciation and his small, albino-fringed eyes notice everything. We sat next to each other as he drank a Vodka Collins and smoked with pointed finger held high. His skin is chicken-breast white and of a fine quality.”

The next day Beaton asked Mick to walk with him in the woods. “I took Mick through the trees to photograph him in the midday sun. I gave his face the shadows it needed. The lips were of a fantastic roundness, the body almost hairless, yet I made him look like Tarzan by Piero di Cosimo.”

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