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Periodic Table by Look Around You

Child K has just started back at school after the summer holidays and has printed out the Periodic Table ready to take in to class. Took me back a few decades to my own days of trying to learn all this guff around… oh, 1965 or so. Except back then you couldn’t print yourself a copy off the interwebs – you had to learn it by heart from a book.

What you can also find on the internet is this naughty spoof by Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz from their TV Science series Look Around You. Enlarge their version of the periodic table above by clicking it, and you’ll spot some interesting new elements nestling in among the regular ones.¬† BBC Comedy’s page featuring the original chart – archived from 2005 – is still available here. I particularly like¬† Mu (music) and Kr (kryptonite).

Close-up Of Spoof Periodic Table