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Switching Off…

July 2, 2019 Feeling My Age

Man blisfully asleep in bed

Love these two aphorisms from the  Showerthoughts SubReddit…

On Switching Off
Being told to “sleep on it“ or “sleep it off“ is the human equivalent of turning a machine off and then on again to fix an issue. We are essentially restarting ourselves

On Dreaming
Every night, we lose consciousness and quietly and harmlessly go temporarily insane. If we don’t do this, after a few days, we actually do go insane.

About Showerthoughts:
The human brain is a decidedly odd machine, often prone to glitches, malfunctions, and internal errors. However, within the confines of that chaos, something intriguing occasionally occurs: A seemingly mundane detail about the world will suddenly become more interesting, having been viewed from a slightly different perspective than usual. This sort of miniature epiphany is called a showerthought.

If you’ve ever realised that “Wet Paint” signs probably cause more stained fingertips than wet paint does on its own, you’ve had a showerthought. If you’ve ever noticed that human hair is technically a renewable resource, you’ve had a showerthought. These sorts of musings tend to arise while a person’s mind is engaged with a routine, uncomplicated activity (like commuting, mowing the lawn, or waiting for a customer service representative to answer your telephone call). And while the word “showerthought” may be a bit misleading – they don’t have to occur in the shower, after all – the concept is something which everyone has experienced.

More Showerthoughts at reddit.com/r/Showerthoughts


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