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Brilliant, engrossing, and in places extremely moving on treating London primary school children to the great outdoors made by Lotte Davies and posted on Vimeo by Jack Sloan from Hanover Primary School.

Best quote comes from the boy explaining what he enjoyed the most: “chopping wood – like with an axe and saws – ‘cos you don’t really get to do much of that in London…”

Cold, Clean Fun

August 19, 2011 Feeling My Age Comments

Fun On The BeachTalking of redemption a couple of days ago, my wife helped run a camping holiday in the Hebrides last month with a group of teenagers and adult staff.  From the photos it looks like it was was all good cold, clean fun and everyone had – if not a whale of a time – then at least a seal of a time. Apart from the last day when it fell to Wife to organise everyone into teams to do the clearing up.
List of Clearup TeamsShe gave each team a name corresponding to the amount of work involved: Misery, Drudgery, Servitude, Penitence, Purgatory, Hellfire and – for the lucky ones on the relatively light cooking duty – Redemption.Jump!