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Jay Sings Out Part 2

September 19, 2012 Feeling My Age

Jay Spears

A year ago I blogged about Californian songwriter Jay Spears and mentioned how his upbeat tweecore tunes such as the cheerfully queer “I Like Mike” and controversional “Smak Dem Christians Down” have put a smile on my face in my middle years. You can find loads of his songs at jayspears.com

Jay had a run-in with cancer, but now he’s back with a vengeance and is is raising dough to complete a third CD of what he describes as “happy peppy pop tunes!”.

I’ve made a donation to his recording fund on Kickstarter but now he only has until September 27th to reach his target or the whole thing will fail to materialise. If you like those tunes as much as I do perhaps you too might consider making a contribution? You can get plenty of grand swag for a modest donation – see kck.st/RX9St0 for the charming video, a view of the swag, and how you can make a pledge.

However small the amount, Jay will thank you and I will too!

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