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Orgreave 1984

June 6, 2012 Feeling My Age

Mounted policeman attacks Lesley Boulton at Orgreave Colliery, 18 June 1984

Photo by John Harris (IFL) click image to zoom

Orgreave Colliery 18 June 1984: Lesley Boulton from Sheffield Women Against Pit Closures was calling for an ambulance for an injured miner when attacked by a mounted policeman in riot gear with drawn truncheon.  A blog post by Grace Shaw has more details of Lesley’s story:

“I was attending to a man who was on the ground and seemed to have some chest injuries. I was standing trying to attract the attention of a police officer in the road to get him an ambulance. Because I thought, I don’t know how serious it was, but it warranted some medical attention.”

“As I stood up to attract this policeman’s attention, this officer on a police horse just bore down on me. Fortunately for me there was someone standing behind me who was also with the injured miner, who just yanked me out of the way.”

“John Harris, who was taking the pictures, was using a motor drive and I’ve seen not just the famous photograph but the subsequent picture which shows the baton going down very close to me. I felt it go past me. I was just missed by the skin of my teeth really.”

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  1. Merrick on June 8, 2012 8:43 pm

    Reminds me of another picture, 2007 at the Climate Camp at Heathrow. Protesters marched under a banner saying ‘we are armed only with peer-reviewed science’ and had pages of said reports taped to their hands. Here’s a mounted officer charging down a woman who still has bits of paper on her hands

    Cop riding down female protester

    More here:

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