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Getting older has its drawbacks – but it's a lot better than the alternative.

Pride And A Fall - April 18th 2011

I decided to blog for a year about feeling my age after falling over – heavily and unexpectedly – in the street last April. The plan was to post one entry for each day over the next 12 months and today I finally made it.

Some days it wasn’t actually possible to write and upload a post, and one or two sessions of serious catching up were needed. Sometimes the entry was simply an Instagram photo and caption – yet even so it was surprisingly difficult to keep up one post per day and still have a life.

But hey, one year later here we are with, in fact, 369 posts over the past 365 days. Yes, some days there were two.

April 2012 has proved to be a turning point. My working hours have been cut and the downside is a serious drop in income. The upside is more time: or at least more choice in how to spend it.

It’ll be all too easy to fill up these new days of freedom with ‘busy-ness’ and pointless activity – rather than stopping, taking stock and drawing breath. Right now, for instance, I’m spending time on this blog post rather than something more purposeful.  So, although there’s now more opportunity to write daily posts here, one year is enough.

The small challenge has been enjoyable, the minor discipline worth acquiring – and the comments, feedback and bursts of occasional abuse have all kept me on my toes. But in the end thinking and writing is hard work – and in 2012 there are more useful ends to which one can devote one’s energies.

There’ll probably still be posts, grumbles and nostalgic ramblings here from time to time – but for now I’m off back to the real world of work and family. Meanwhile you’ll still find me posting snaps as Feeling My Age on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

Thanks for your company – it’s been fun.

Family waving goodbye. Photo: G. J. Charlet III on Flickr

Photo courtesy of G. J. Charlet III on Flickr

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